We all know that we should all work out regularly. The following is some recommendations on training with kettlebells. With kettlebells you can get the quickest results, and the benefits you gain and the advantage over other training methods are superior. Not to say other forms of training are not beneficial, they all have their benefits, but with kettlebells you are incorporating your entire body, muscle groups, and core during each movement. I see that as more beneficial than hitting one isolated muscle group, or body part. 

Working out should be a regular routine for all people, especially since we are now living in a time with a lot of preservatives and also chemical compounds in regular food. We often have too much junk food along with abnormal levels of sugar in our daily diet, and that makes working out even more necessary. 

There are lots of training plans you can find. The internet is filled with them, it will leave your head spinning. There is just no way you can commit to all of them. That is why you must choose one plan, one technique, one type of workout and follow it for some time. Develop the the skills to perform and execute the moves correctly. 


Recently working out with kettlebell has gained lots of recognition and popularity, being it features several advantages over all kinds of other training methods.

One of the benefits is that you simply do not need much space or any other equipment in addition to kettlebells to train. This will make the training quite simple and inexpensive as well. Even though its costs varies, it's only a onetime investment towards your fitness goals. They come in different sizes and weight. It is best start with a light kettlebell and progress to heavier ones as time goes by. If you have never trained with kettlebell before, it would probably be a good idea to get some standard instructions from skilled coaches. In the event you do not know anyone to help you, visit a local gym or find some guidelines online. Below you will find some excellent kettlebell moves that are perfect for beginners.

Kettlebell workouts do not take up too much time. For beginners it's strongly recommended to train only twenty minutes a day, advanced individuals 30-40 minutes a day.  And it is very important not to train every day, for the reason that muscles have to have a day off to recover as well as grow. One truly big advantage over regular fitness centers is that you can do these workouts outside the house. This means that you can do them in fresh air with a lot more oxygen compared to gyms poor air quality. Oxygen helps a lot in dropping extra pounds and also growing muscle tissue. It also helps to keep your focus on exercising.

With various workout routines, it is possible to train your whole body in almost no time. It also helps a lot with losing belly fat and burning calories.


Kettlebell 2 Handed Swing

Kettlebell 2 Handed Swing


Why the Kettlebell?

Here’s your answer. They are a balanced and perfect way to help you lose weight, improve stamina and tone your muscles. When combined with other tools and exercise forms, kettlebells can actually lead to overall fitness superiority.

Their are a variety of kettlebell exercise techniques one can learn, and since it is easy, most beginners pick up the techniques quickly thereby achieving their fitness goals quicker.

Basic kettlebell workouts

Most trainers dedicated to this form of exercise will focus on teaching the bare basic exercises to newcomers. It is only once you master the most basic forms that you can experiment with more advanced techniques.

Keep in mind that the key to extracting maximum benefits from a kettlebell workout lies in knowing how to balance the bell at various angles. Once you achieve this bare basic it is easy to move on to newer exercises.



Listed below are three of the training methods I use when working with kettlebells:

Number one exercise is named kettlebell throw. Hold your kettlebell using two hands, on either side of the handle. Squat and move the weight between your legs and then push your hips forward and swing the kettlebell up over the head.  Allow the kettlebell to come down, keeping power over the movements at the same time.

The second exercise is named one arm swing. To start with , hold the kettlebell in the right hand. Move your feet so they would be as separate as the hip distance.  Similar to previous exercise, squat and move the kettlebell in between your legs and now drive the weight up to shoulder level. Do it with both arms.


The Swing

As the name suggests, this technique involves swinging the kettlebell a certain way to achieve results. All you need to do is stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and your toes slightly pointed out. Hold the kettlebell with one hand,  bend over forward. Do not lay your free arm on your knee, keep the arm on the outside and used it as momentum to start your swing. Swing the kettlebell between your legs and thrust up. Bring the kettlebell to chest level and allow it to become an extension of your arms. Bring it back down, swing it between your legs to start the movement over again. The Back (spine) should be neutral with your neck, a slight tilt of the neck is allowed on the swing-through your legs, but do to over-exaggerate the tilt.  The swing is an easy technique that requires balance and quick, swift movements. Make sure you adopt the right posture while performing the exercise to ensure a successful workout.


The Clean

Unlike the swing, the clean is a one hand exercise technique often used by trainers to teach members strength endurance and toning. When you stand with your legs apart in this exercise form, it requires you to balance the ball in between the legs with one hand. Further more you have to pull the kettlebell back up with one hand and rack it slightly under your shoulder.

The kettlebell can seem heavy for first timers but with regular practice you will get used to the weight and movement easily. Below the double kettlebell clean is being performed.



The Snatch

The snatch is an easy movement involving a one arm technique. The starting position is the same, swing the kettlebell between your legs as in the swing, snatch it back up toward the opposite side of your body with the arm locking out. Be sure not to over-extend your arm to avoid injury.  In the video below you can see the snatch being performed.


All movements should be repeated 2-3 times with 8 to 12 reps per movement.  More advanced users are able to perform a higher number, not to worry, you will get there too. 

Example Routine: 10 Reps, 3 to 4 Sets

10 Kettlebell Swings
10 Kettlebell Cleans
10 Kettlebell Snatch

The Swing is the one movement that will help you with building strength for all the other movements you will learn, master that movement and you will master the others. Good luck!!!