Gene H. Davis - Holds several industry leading certifications in exercise science and motion.
ISSA, NSCA, ViPR, and IOM Mentorhsip Level 1

In this month's edition of  Trainer's Corner, we bring you Gene H. Davis who comes to us from Bronx, NY. Gene specializes in Functional Movement Training, this type of training is different from the traditional way of exercising. Functional movement strengthens several muscle groups at a time. This kind of training works several body parts versus one body part with your traditional exercises. As a result of these types of movements being incorporated into your daily routine, you build strength holistically, forcing your body to function as a single unit. Due to using multiple muscle groups simultaneously, coordination and muscle memory control is also improved.

Gene holds several industry certifications, which include ISSA, NSCA, ViPR, and IOM Mentorship Level 1. You can see more of Gene on social media in the link below.

Instagram: trainmovement

Early Training

Gene started at a very young age like many kids participating in different sports, and exercising. He has always been very competitive to say the least. This was something that was instilled early in his youth by his step-father John Smith who was also a very athletic and competitive person. John would take Gene to the park every day to play stick-ball, handball or baseball. Regardless of the sport being played, the competitive edge was always there.

This has been the path Gene has been on since. Taking no shortcuts to his success. All hard work, all the time.

Using the Quad Mace

One of the tools I have seen Gene use the most is the Quad Mace by Onnit. I had the opportunity one day to do a small workout with a 15 lbs Onnit Steel Mace. The entire workout required balance, coordination, core and full-body to execute the moves Gene instructed me to perform. The video below shows Gene demonstrating the use on the Onnit Quad Mace. In this exercise the movements require the full-body and core to be utilized.


Gene works full-time as a personal trainer, and has a very unique form of exercising, one that caught my attention when I first saw him at our local gym. There are many tools in Gene's bag, and one of the questions I posed during our interview was what motivated him to pursue the field he is in now and his form of exercising, and what makes his stand out in a field that's so saturated. He explained that it was a long road getting there, Gene's background is in pharmaceuticals. During that time he maintained active by participating in various sports, Football, Baseball, Mountain Bike Racing, and the list goes on. Gene trained for the sports he played to remain competitive. As he trained he saw what worked and what did not work. Those around him took notice and would always tell him that he should become a trainer. Gene would research the science of working out, he says he is more performance oriented than aesthetic oriented. In other words, it's more about performance than looking good. I totally agree with that philosophy, I rather out-perform than look like I can and not perform at all. As Gene continued on his path, he saw the right of passage from pharmaceuticals to the fitness industry. Gene holds several industry related certifications, ISSA, NSCA, ViPR and IOM Mentorship Level 1 from the Institute of Motion. 

Gene5 - Copy.png

Gene expounded a little more on the certification he received from the institute of motion, he went on to explain how the 4Q process works, the 4Qs are the 4 quadrants of the body. He explained the difference between loaded linear (traditional lifting) and unloaded linear (body weight), loaded movement (ViPR, Mace), and finally unloaded movement (animal flow). Gene also holds a certification for the use of the ViPR. The ViPR is a very unique piece of equipment, it bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It allows for full-body movement with load. It enhances the performance and reconditioning goals of those utilizing this unique tool. The founder of the Institute of Motion is also the creator of the ViPR. The Institute of Motion is located in California, and Gene recommends this cert for anyone pursuing a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer.

Check out IOM at:

Health is the first wealth and everyday above ground is a great day. Movement is Life
— Gene H. Davis

Gene on ViPR Training... 

Gene became ViPR certified right after becoming a certified personal trainer, his first experience with the ViPR was at a fitness center in Riverdale, NY. He also informed me that this type of training is perfect since it imitates life's movements as opposed to static weight lifting which does not. So the ViPR, Mace, animal flow movements are much more realistic and utilizes the entire body.

Not only does it train the body for these types of movements, but also trains the brain and nervous system to work with not just one muscle group, but many muscle groups at once. All of this equates to motor learning, which is the improvement of the communication between your brain and your nervous system resulting in better balance and coordination of the body. One of the question I asked Gene was how does he keep up to date with all the different programs that flood the market daily, and what makes him stand out from other trainers. 

Gene's approach is simple, he mentioned that geography plays a big role. When he used to train at Equinox many of its members read articles on the science of exercising, which covered exactly what they would see Gene doing at the gym. This would would be an easy decision for those clients to hire Gene as their personal trainer, versus someone who would read a body building magazine where what Gene is doing is not mentioned, and walk right by. So as already mentioned, geography plays a role on how people decide to exercise and set fitness goals.


Nutrition... How Important Is It?

Nutrition is important in a number of ways says Gene, but first and foremost it's important to be healthy. you want your clients to be healthy. For example Gene had a client who he got to lose 307lbs, Gene got him down to 260lbs just from exercising. It took his client 4 to 6 months before he got serious about his diet, when he finally decided to take his diet seriously, he lost an additional 50+ pounds.The majority of his weight loss came from his diet, than from exercising. Gene says it is important to be weary of people who offer weight loss through their personal programs, unless that person is going to be there to monitor your weight, your meals, your sleep, and stress. Other than that they can't. The best approach is to be honest with your clients, and hold yourself accountable for you are offering, and hold your clients accountable for what they want to accomplish. 

Gene shared with me that rest is paramount, the body does not make any progress while you're up and about. Rest is the key to muscle growth and ad total fitness. He stressed that sleep is not just sleep. It has to be a rested sleep and not a restless sleep for proper recovery. Get that rest people!

Natural Supplements...

One thing that came to mind while interviewing Gene was, what is his take on dietary or workout supplements to enhance a client's performance. Gene explained that he would not recommend supplements to enhance performance, but would recommend them to enhance their health and well-being. Examples that Gene gave lean more towards the natural side of the supplement spectrum, Cucurmin and Tumeric are excellent anti-inflammatory agents that assist with recovery, injuries from over-training, and all around excellent sources to fight inflammation in the body.  He broke it down even futher by adding that black pepper should be added to these other spices for better absorption into the body.



When it comes to pre-workouts, Gene definitely supports the idea of taking it prior to a workout as the benefit of a pre-work is consistent sustained energy. He also shared that he looks for pre-workouts that are based on clean energy and not an overload of caffeine. So keep an eye out for the more natural options.

Gene is also a dad, he has an 11 year old daughter who he has passed on the same values that were passed on to him in his childhood. She is just as competitive and athletic as her father, and enjoys utilizing the same tools for working out as dad. You can find out more about Gene on Instagram and Facebook. You may reach out to Gene Davis for any fitness goals you may have, but rest assured your workout will be adventuress.

This was a great experience for me, getting to know about Gene Davis, and knowing that such a diverse trainer is local and accessible is good to know. Gene definitely brings a new approach to fitness, and that is an attitude that is always welcomed when it comes time to daily GRIND!!! 

If you would like to follow Gene davis on social media, you can find him on Instagram under @Trainmovement

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