Daysi Guerrero - Holds multiple certifications in the field of nutrition and weight management.

The end of August brings us something different. We all know that to have a well balanced body and have it perform at it's peak and beyond, you have to have to follow a well balanced nutritional program. Introducing this month's expert Dr. Daysi Guerrero, a nutritional expert who is here today to share her thoughts on the importance of a well balanced nutritional diet. Whether its weight loss, weight gain, or maintaining, she provides the relevant information you need to accomplish your nutritional goals.

Daysi holds a degree in Medicine from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA) in the Dominican Republic. She is also certified by Columbia University in New York as a Master in Nutrition, with studies in nutrition and fitness as well as weight management. 


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Where It All Began...

Everything started in the Dominican Republic for Dr. Daysi Geurrero, where she attended the Technological University of Santiago, and obtained her degree in Medicine in 2006. Upon coming to the United States, she started working in the medical research field, specializing in the research of dementia at Columbia University Medical Center.  While at work at Columbia, she took the opportunity to get her Masters in nutrition through a program that Columbia University offers. She also took on other nutrition and weight management related programs to further reinforce her field of interest.

Dr. Daysi Guerrero holds the following health industry certifications:

Nutritional Consultant with the American Association of Nutritional Consultants
Nutritionist in Weight Management with The Fitness Training Company
Advanced Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness with the Shaw Academy
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health from the University of Pittsburgh

And currently pursuing the Specialist in Fitness Nutrition by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), which will allow her to provide consultatory services to athletes.

One of the questions I asked Daysi was what lead her to the Nutrition field, what motivated her to establish a career in this field. She mentioned that there have been patients that she has worked with that suffer from Alzheimer and Dementia. While working in the medical research field, one of the things she research was the nutritional component of people who suffer from these conditions. Investigating if there is possibly something in the person’s diet that could lead to such a condition. The deeper her work took her, the more she became interested. This was where Daysi’s found her motivation to pursue her interest in this field.


Daysi's Clients

Daysi’s services have always been geared towards men and women regardless of age. Lately her focus has been more on Latin women of any adult age, with a focus on those that have families. That demographic usually finds it difficult to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. With the daily running around, the errands, taking care of the family there is very little time for self. As a mother herself she understands the difficulties that comes with those daily responsibilities.

She develops regiments for them to follow based on their overall goal, she combines it with a workout program to bring about the desired results of the individual.  I myself have experienced this with family members, both male and female. The daily ins and outs can be taxing on the mind and body, and can discourage the most active person from wanting to partake in any physical activity after a long day. I totally agree with Daysi, proper nutrition and exercise can begin to reverse these conditions.


Proper Nutrition

Text here...

                          Center: Kale, Garbanzo Beans, Green Peppers, Dried Cranberries, Blue Cheese, Eggs, Sunflower Seeds

                                                    Right\Left: Brown Rice, Quinoa, Grilled Chicken Breast, and Avacodo


Currently on Daysi's website ( she has developed two programs, one for the change of eating habits, the other for fat loss without the loss of muscle density. As we all know these go hand-in-hand, your eating habits dictate what your body produces.  Keep in mind muscle is denser and does weigh more that fat if you compare same-size portion. So muscle weight is a positive, and you don't want to end up losing any of it with any type of weight management program. This is another point I agree on with Daysi, and not many people know the difference, and end up losing muscle density then wondering why. 

She has also developed guides for these programs which she makes available to her clients, depending on the clients needs she will personalize them to meet the goals of the client. This is another point to keep in mind with the various programs that are out there, not many are really designed for you, and might end up being a detriment than healthy. 

Core Workout: Planking

This is why it's very important for a program to be detailed for a person, to achieve the maximum benefits for your mind and body. The guides also cover a workout program that is personalized for the user. Daysi finds that a lot of her clients like to work in groups and want to follow the same regiment, which is not a problem, only minor tweaks are made for each client. Working in groups is a big positive, people get to feed off of each other and reach their goals together by pushing one another. 

The workouts consist of weights, resistance bands, light and intense cardio with intervals. Which sounds like a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program but not as rigid which is great. With the proper nutrition and continuous activity there is no doubt her client will get there. Below are the two plans Daysi provides to her clients. 

Transformation of Habits.png

  transforming your habits

By Daysi Guerrero

Fat Loss.png

fat loss

By Daysi Guerrero

Your Health, Your Choice
— Dr. Daysi Guerrero

Dieting and Training... 

Another question I posed to Dr. Daysi Gerrero was what types of nutritional program she would prescribe to a person who is trying to lose weight. She mentioned she likes to work around a cycle of low carbohydrates minor cardio, and weight training to lose weight, and not depend so much on cardio which can promote the loss of muscle weight. An example she gave me is as follows:

  • Cardio 2 Times a Week
  • Weights 3 Times a Week
  • Controlled consumption of Carbohydrates

On the heavy days, for example weight days, its fine to consume carbohydrates during day time hours, where on the light days and rest days there is low consumption of carbohydrates. This promotes a healthy way of losing weight. She also recommends always eating your full meal, and not to supplement a meal with a protein shake, those are best to be consumed after your workout to replenish and feed your muscles.

I also asked about what type of program she would put together for a person trying to put on muscle of maintain muscle weight. This program she mentioned would be the total opposite of what she described for a weight loss program. The program would be meals high in protein, weights 5 days a week, high calories but being mindful that you good calories.

With regards to Keto and Paleo diets, Dr. Guerrero, rather form her own for her clients and does not see those programs as something someone will be able to maintain log term. The important thing is that you find something that works for you, and allows you to go through the process in a healthy manner. Consulting a Nutritionist such as Dr. Daysi Guerrero is always the right choice.


Eating Healthy...

Below are two examples from Dr. Guerrero's nutritional guide for weight loss.

                      Bananas and Eggs Pancakes with Cherries

                            Oats and Yogurt Pancakes with Almonds

More delicious recipes can be found on Dr. Guerrero's website, along with a complete guide to weight loss, and workout programs. 

Staying Up To Date...

One the questions I like asking the most of anyone I interview is, how do they remain up to date, and what makes them stand out. How do they keep their information fresh and new to ensure that their clients are provided the best and up to date information on the current trends in the fitness industry. As far as standing out from the rest Dr. Guerrero tends to go with the more natural solution to nutrition, on a day-to-day basis, instead of sacrificing meals for the sake of being on a diet.

Dr. Guerrero's guides offer a more natural approach to losing, gaining or maintaining weight while eating the foods you enjoy, and limiting the ones that are not good for you. This is a more sensible, and healthy choice to weight management without the rigidity of dieting. 

To find out more about Dr. Daysi Guerrero you can follow her on social media, and visit her website for detailed information on the nutritional plans she offers.  

If you would like to follow Daysi Guerrero on social media, you can find her on Instagram under @dradaysiguerrero

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