Forged2Beast is dedicated to motivating people, getting them engaged in physical activity of any kind and
life. Encouraging others to lead a healthy and energetic lifestyle. 

The idea came about one day in 2017, after experiencing a period of frustration with how I was working out at the time. The same routine day in, and day out got boring and I was not excited at all anymore. One day while up in Valhalla NY I saw some logs the groundskeepers left on the ground. I stared at them for a few seconds and right then and there F2B was born. Ideas started popping into my head, one after the other.  

The next day I drove back up and grabbed a log, bark, shrubs and all. I bagged it and took it home. Days later I was left with a smooth log and a ton of workouts I could do with it, and that's what Forged2Beast is about, creating change! 

I'm here to bring change to the world, how we approach our health and fitness does not have to be the same movements everyday. If you prefer the traditional gym, there is nothing wrong with that, that is great, but add change to your routine. Keep your body guessing, and changing to promote growth.

Rucking Riverdale, Bronx, NY


The LOG!!! This is where it all started. Looking for a new way to exercise, a new way to push myself further. What better way than to carry a heavy log up a hill, ruck it for a few miles, or sprint with it. 

Working out with logs is nothing new, it's been one of the primary tools used by the Special Forces
community in their training exercises.

Now a days you will find logs being used at Crossfit Boxes, GORUCK events and many other places. They provide an excellent opportunity to build on your stamina, endurance and overall strength. I have developed some very simple and basic workouts that can be found on our F2BFitness page under the endurance section. Please be sure to check them out and give them a try. 

What Started It All - 2017

In conclusion , we hope you enjoy the site and utilize the tools made available to you here. Don't be afraid, just jump into and get it done. Show the world you want to be part of the positive change F2B wants to bring. If you have any questions, or have any subjects you would like to see covered under our News, please drop us an email. Thank you.

Performing A Ruck & Log Workout - Riverdale, Bronx, NY